Moss Roof Removal

Demossing your roof

Our process involves stripping and the disposal of the moss that has built up over time if left this can damage the integrity of your roof.

Moss removal steps:


 Step one:

We lay sheets around your property to catch moss.


Step two:

We install a gutter guard to prevent filling your gutters with moss while we clean your roof. 


Step three:

Depending on the severity of the moss build-up we will either use a telescopic brush or a telescopic scraper to remove the moss that has formed on your roof. 


If required, we may also utilise our hoist lift if there is access on the ground to reach specific roof areas. 


Step four:

We gather all moss and dirt that has been removed from your roof and put into bags which we will take away with us and the end of the job. 

Step five:

We remove the gutter guards and sheeting that have been placed around your property ensuring the only trace of us ever being there is your clean roof.