Pressure Washing

Don't Neglect Protect

Maintaining the exterior of your home it's a vital part of protecting you home investment.

We will clean moss, algae, black spots, moulds, lichens and dirt and grime which only gets worse with build up over time. 

We then use our advanced treatments on your roof to stop early re-development. 

Firstly we cover the area for protection. 

We install a gutter guard whilst cleaning

We remove the moss build-up using scrapers. 

We then survey your roof for any potentially broken tiles etc. and will replace them after we get the okay from the client. 

We then spray your roof with our treatment. 

We then remove the gutter guard, tidy up and clear all unwanted materials. 

Your roof will then be self-cleaning for up to the next 12 months. 

We offer a yearly maintenance program if requested.