Softwash or Pressure Wash

The difference between Advanced Soft Wash Technology and Pressure Washing

Our safe, Soft Wash is a low-pressure cleaning system, with a more gentle approach when cleaning some surfaces, rather than pressure washing with its high volume of water and abrasive action, which can damage certain surfaces e.g. roof coverings, etc. 

Pressure washing should only be used on certain surfaces. please click on to Pressure Washing to find out more. 


Our safe, Soft Wash roof cleaning system is conducted primarily from the ground or a hoist lift when required.

This will stop our tradesmen climbing over wet surfaces which could endanger not only themselves but potentially damage certain roof coverings (breaking or cracking tiles etc), which potentially can happen with conventional pressure washing applications, as this requires a tradesman standing and working directly on the roof surfaces.

Our advanced Soft Wash biodegradable chemical treatments carry on cleaning long after the application.

Soft Wash is safe when removing moss, mildew, bacteria, algae, and other organic stains.

suitable for roofs and other exterior surfaces.

Benefits of Soft Wash

No high pressure - No damage
Safe for pets & plants
Kills Toxic Moulds & Moss
Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions

Continues to work 12 months and beyond
Improves curb appeal and safeguards your property and investment

Whenever possible we utilise our advanced Soft Wash technology!

Pressure Washing

High-pressure water spray is only recommended for certain applications. It is more aggressive and abrasive, suitable removal of loose paint, mold, grime, dirt, mud, chewing gum, and graffiti. 

Pressure washing is the perfect solution when cleaning driveways as it not only cleans the surface of the block paving but also removes all of the dirt buildups including the old sand. After this process, we re-sand and seal the entire surface. This gives your driveway a new lease of life. 

Steam cleaning is also available when required.

ECO-Cleaning Solutions offer a one-stop shop for all of your property requirements which includes:

Soft Wash roof cleaning
Moss removal
Block paving cleaning/restoration
Soft clean solar panel cleaning
Gutter cleaning (Sky vac)
Fascia’s and soffits
Soft wash conservatory cleaning
Soft wash decking
Garden furniture
Soft wash patios
Tarmac driveways

Hoist lifts available when required
Video Drone surveys available

Fully documented before and after photos and videos

All restoration and repair work e.g. repairing broken tiles, re-pointing chimneys, ridge, and verges, fixing gutters and downpipes.


All carried out directly by our Castle Rock Group, we use professionally qualified technicians.